Monday, July 22, 2013

CFCF - Music for Objects (2013)

CFCF is a Canadian electronic musician who seems to prefer EPs over full-lengths, having put out just one LP (in 2009), but otherwise kept fairly busy with short releases and guest appearances. Music for Objects is eight songs (24 minutes) long, each with everyday objects for song titles. The goal was to create tracks that "sound like" these objects. He constantly relies on fluttering piano and brass instrumentation, and of course, programmed beats and waves of synth noise. In a sense, this is successful as the sounds are generally about as mundane as the objects they're titled after. I'm sure there is a way one could sonically interpret keys, cameras, glass or perfume in an interesting way, but I don't hear any such magic here. Nothing in the sounds, textures or the spaces between is anything other than plain.

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