Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow (2013)

The Black Angels wouldn't be terribly distinguishable from your average bluesey garage rock band, save for the fact that they're obviously fans of latter-era Beatles. Indigo Meadow is competently played and written, though I do think the guitars lack a certain punch during the louder parts. I am no connosieur of blues rock or psychedelic pop, so a band that mixes the two shouldn't be up my alley, but this is a fine album with some particularly solid moments and a few clunkers. "Love Me Forever" and "War on Holliday" feature awkward melodies, while "Don't Play With Guns" is the catchiest song here and "Black Isn't Black" builds to a nice climax. I don't particularly care for the vocal effects they're so fond of (they do something to give the voice an echoey robotic sound), which really brings the album down at times. None of their other stylistic choices are a big problem for me, though the album seems to want for energy at times. Still, this is a mostly hook-filled record and probably among the better bands you could lump in with the post-White Stripes blues rock clan.

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